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Ultrasonic face cleaning

Ultrasonic face cleaning

Facial cleansing is one of the most commonly used procedures in cosmetology. Ultrasound facial cleansing has become extremely popular and in demand.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Face Cleansing:

  • During the procedure the skin does not pinch or stretch; 
  • The procedure takes much less time; 
  • Ultrasound causes the skin to vibrate slightly, thereby massaging it. 
  • Ultrasound waves improve blood circulation and increase immunity. 
  • Skin regenerates faster and better. 
  • Ultrasound in the skin improves collagen and elastin, the protein responsible for its elasticity.

Ultrasound facial cleansing is recommended for people with any skin type once every six months. Those with greasy, problematic, ultrasound cleaning should do at least once a month.

The procedure includes:

  • facial skin cleansing and toning; 
  • peeling; 
  • ultrasonic cleansing of the face skin (20-30 minutes); 
  • Darsonvalization; 
  • Anti-bacterial and pore-tightening face mask; 
  • Serum application - which soothes, narrows pores and regulates sebaceous glands; 
  • Algae face mask; 
  • Applying face cream.

Purchasing a treatment course 6x = Price 300 eur

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