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Soothing makeup remover lotion

Soothing makeup remover lotion

A soft-textured lotion, based on bamboo water, cleanses the skin and the eye area gently and delicately, removes dirt and makeup without leaving a sense of skin tightness and discomfort. It delivers useful components to the skin cells (vitamin E, sweet-almond oil and grape seed oil), increases elasticity, restores a fresh and bright complexion.

It gently and quickly removes even stubborn makeup without tugging or pulling. Soft texture surrounds skin giving it a sense of comfort. Active oils dissolve any dirt and remove it from a skin surface, preparing it to further care.  The formula is enriched in active and moisturizing components that keep an optimal a hydrophile-lipophile balance , nourish and hydrate, making the skin bright and fresh.



Bamboo water. Thanks to the high concentration of silicon, it resists a decrease in skin's density and resilience, stimulates natural collagen production in skin. As a result, skin becomes more elastic and resilient.

Grape seed oil improves elasticity, combats stress and weariness, makes the skin more velvety.

Sweet-almond oil possesses soothing and regeneration properties, improves skin elasticity, treats skin inflammation.

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