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Soft silk SPA ritual + spa for face (1h 30 min)

Soft silk SPA ritual + spa for face (1h 30 min)

A light touch of white silk massage. The mood of the procedure is formed by the silky texture of the products, the light glow of white silk and the saturated aroma.

The result:

  • The silk procedure uses the highest quality 100% silk fibers that contain 18 types of amino acids identical to those found in the human body. The crystalline form of silk peptides and amino acids protect the skin from the adverse effects of UV radiation;
  • reduces fine wrinkles and aging due to a significant increase in skin moisture;
  • The product also contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, jojoba, safflower and almond oils;
  • moisturizing anti-age treatment, glowing skin.

Enjoy the Silence of Silk!

Offer includes:

  • full body silk peeling;
  • wrapping, shower;
  • full body massage with silk massage lotion + facial massage;
  • after the procedure - a cup of warm tea or a healthy drink.

In addition we offer:

  • face SPA (15 min - 20 eur);
  • face SPA with mask (20min- 25 eur);

Apply for the procedure on the website or by phone. t. +371 29712149 


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