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Rose SPA ritual (1.p.) (80 min)

Rose SPA ritual (1.p.) (80 min)

We offer an unforgettable feeling of magic. The ritual of sensual rose will immerse yourself in the accordion and relax in addition to the rose aroma.

An organism that restores and strengthens the senses, which gives rise to the airy mood and creates warm, vile feelings. The touch of the products of the rose will be stimulating the life cycle, but will certainly be comforting and stress-reducing. The beauty and strength of Rose intensively care for even the most delicate skin, intensively nourishing during the procedure. The rose procedure refreshes and aromatises the skin, maintains mature skin, enhances its regeneration processes, improves blood circulation and balances optimal moisture levels, cares for sun-burned skin and soothes bitter skin. Rose essential oil is a wonderful cosmetic remedy that regenerates the tissues, slows the aging of the skin, improves skin elasticity and firmness, reduces the sensitivity of the skin, heals scar tissue and stretch marks.

The delicate touch of rose aroma and aromatherapy delight will create an erotic feel and make it feel a special holiday mood.

The procedure includes:

  • Rose peeling of whole body;
  • wrapping, shower;
  • whole body massage with rose oil;
  • after the procedure – a cup of tea or a healthy drink.

Result: intensely coated, nourished and iridescent, flattened skin.                                                                      Enjoy the Rose Magic!

We also offer additional SPA for face (20min) - 15 eur

SPA for face with mask (40min) - 25 eur


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