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Renewing body scrub (Orange)

Renewing body scrub (Orange)

The scrub with rich orange aroma will not only boost your mood, but will also make your skin smooth and velvety. Natural granules of cane sugar melt on skin, leaving it perfectly smooth. Plant extracts and oils provide intensive hydration and nourishing.

This fragrant sugar scrub based on natural components will help to make your skin smooth and tender, it maintains hydro balance and stimulates cells regeneration.

Cane sugar crystals melt on skin, cleansing and moisturizing it.

Bamboo micro-granules gently exfoliate dead cells.

Moisturizing complex Dragocare W, which is based on wheat sprouts oil stimulate regeneration processes.

Safflower, jojoba and babassu oils make skin tender and velvety.


  • Those who are looking for personal treatment program.
  • Those who appreciate stylish packaging.
  • Those who consider quality and safety important.
  • Those who need to see results.



  • Visual result – skin becomes softer and smoother after first use.
  • Intensive nourishing and moisturizing – the scrub contains hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and natural oils complex.
  • Rich fragrances – for home-spa treatment.
  • Gentle care – the scrub is based on natural components, paraben-free.
  • Helps to fight cellulite
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