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Perfecting CC cream, Beige

Perfecting CC cream, Beige
Perfecting CC cream, Beige
Perfecting CC cream, Beige
Perfecting CC cream, Beige
Perfecting CC cream, Beige
Perfecting CC cream, Beige
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Perfecting CC cream, Beige

SPF 15

ULTRA LIGHT CC CREAM contains pigments that blend with the skin, masking small imperfections, giving it a delicious healthy glow and smoothness. Collagen and Centella Asiatica prevent the first signs of skin aging. The hyaluronic acid in the CC cream moisturizes the skin, and camellia has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Ultra-light skin-improving CC cream BL Oriental moisturizes the skin for the whole day, masks imperfections, and has anti-inflammatory properties, preventing them. Gives radiance and smoothness. It has an antioxidant effect.


  • those who appreciate simplicity in everyday makeup.
  • those who are looking for an all-purpose skin-care product.
  • those who appreciate stylish packaging.
  • those who care about the quality and safety of cosmetics.


Highly effective cosmetic components

The unique coastal climate of Korea, the unique landscape, the oxygen-rich air created ideal conditions for the natural growth of plants with high healing and cosmetic effectiveness. RB Group uses pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with the highest degree of knowledge and properties confirmed by clinical trials.

Advanced achievements of Korean cosmetologists

Korean cosmetics are famous for using the most advanced technologies. Korean scientists are constantly looking for new and exploring traditional active ingredients of cosmetics. They improve the methods of working with them, identify the most effective combinations and formulas, surprising women around the world with their cosmetics.

Individual approach

All products are harmoniously combined with each other and perfectly complement the basic care. You can easily choose the means aimed at solving the problem of your skin and integrate them into your daily beauty ritual.

Quality control and safety

The production process of our Korean partner RB Group, which has been operating internationally for more than 20 years, is certified by the quality management standards ISO 9001, 14001, 22716, confirming that the production of the finished product is strictly controlled at every stage, from the search for components to the release of the finished product.

Result after the first application

Unique national recipes of youth and longevity, time-tested, become the basis of cosmetic research, receive a powerful scientific base and prove their high effectiveness.

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