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"Mother of the bride" (enzyme therapy)

"Mother of the bride" (enzyme therapy)

How to achieve maximum skin lifting without pain and injections during only one procedure?

"Mother of the bride" (enzyme therapy) is DMK's calling card.

This non-invasive procedure is performed with the help of enzyme masks, which can transform your skin in a short period of time, as it gently removes dead cells, saturates it with oxygen, vitamins and amino acids.

The procedure is ideal on the eve of particularly important events

Immediately after enzyme therapy:

  •  There is a pronounced lifting;
  •  The complexion improves;
  •  Metabolic processes normalize;
  •  The skin is cleansed of decomposition products and toxins;
  •  Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are stimulated;
  •  Synthesis of collagen and elastin is activated;
  •  The relief of the skin is smoothed;
  •  The contour of the face becomes clearer;

The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure, maximally expressed in the 2nd-3rd. per day and lasts for a week.

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