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Modeling face procedure (60 min)

Modeling face procedure (60 min)

The modeling face procedure is suitable both for preventative measures to maintain firmness of the face and for mature skin rejuvenation. This is a procedure whose effectiveness is determined by deep facial muscle mass, without acid and injections. Not all skin types and conditions are suitable for harsh facial treatments, so this is a gently effective alternative. Deep facial and decollete massage strengthens and restores muscle tone and firmness. Massage reduces swelling, accelerates facial metabolism, processes muscles that stretch and lose strength during a lifetime. These treatments provide and refine your face with oxygen, smoothes out wrinkles, and eliminates skin problems.

The procedure uses a skin regenerating cosmetic complex. It contains cleansing water, scrub, facial mask and massage cream that simulates face relief, reduces signs of aging skin and wrinkles. The combination of active ingredients, high-quality vegetable oils and vitamins provides a solid, shiny, healthy, vitamin-faced look.

We recommend that you take 10-12 facial treatments for higher efficiency procedures.

If you buy the courses:  6x - 330 eur 

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