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Holistic Lavender SPA ritual (1 pers.) (80 min) peace, balance, warmth.

Holistic Lavender SPA ritual (1 pers.) (80 min) peace, balance, warmth.

FLORIENA SPA salon offers a special relaxing massage with a Lavender SPA ritual with hot Lavender bags.

Lavender aroma relaxes muscles and improves emotional well-being. Given Lavender's inherent effects, Lavender flowers and the base oils obtained from them are used in relaxing and calming body massages. 

Lavender skin aroma gives you special well-being during a relaxing massage. Surface bags are used for massage for individual parts of the body using lymphatic drainage and various types of massage by massaging those parts of the body that regulate and determine the body's energy, relieve the body of stress and fatigue, promote toxins and excess fluid removal, lymphatic drainage, give a refreshing massage, restorative, regenerating effect on skin cells.

The procedure includes:

  • cleansing body lavender peeling, (cleanses the skin, opens the pores, moisturizes and nourishes);
  • wrapping, shower;
  • massage for the whole body with lavender massage lotion;
  • after a ritual – a cup of aromatic tea or a healthy drink.

The result: moisturized, smooth and healthier skin.                                                                                                                                                                                     Enjoy Lavender!

In addition, we offer: 

  • face massage - 20 eur
  • facial SPA with moisturizing cranberry mask - 25 eur
  • head massage  - 15 eur


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