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All-season Bio peeling JPX3 Bio 5 ml

All-season Bio peeling JPX3 Bio 5 ml
JPX3 Bio

JPX3 bio's latest addition to this season is an Italian, all-season biostimulator without peeling and erythema.

An ideal alternative to biorevitalization for those who avoid injections.
1. All-weather
2. Skin biostimulation without injections
3. Active regeneration stimulator
4. This is not a peeling - it is an acid-based biostimulator.

The result lasts 6-8 months after the course

• sensitive skin
• wrinkles
• acne treatment
• post-acne
• enlarged pores
• scars, striae
• hyperpigmentation of various origins
• dull complexion,
• Does not cause peeling and erythema.

Due to the synergy of the components, the biostimulator has a revitalizing and strengthening effect. It can be applied on: ⠀ - face ⠀ - neck / décolleté, hands. ⠀

Composition: - MCA33% - monochloracetic acid - KOYA ACID 10%, UREA PYROXIDE 5%, ALMOND ACID, COENZYME Q10 -5%.

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