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Hyaluronic intense nourishing cream

Hyaluronic intense nourishing cream

Night care

Night care nourishing cream with rich texture and wonderful aroma of summer blossom, which intensively recovers skin while you are sleeping. It is based on unique seaweed complex, rich with marine microelements. Skin is especially perceptive to active components at night, due to special lipids, they easily penetrate deep skin layers. Working at cellular level, its components stimulate renewal and growth of cells. Hyaluronic acid deeply nourishes tired skin, revitalizing it and eliminating aging signs. 

Intensively nourishes and strengthens skin. Activates its renewal and deep recovery, improves the speed at which cells are renewed and fights signs of aging.


  • Those who are looking for personal treatment program.
  • Those who appreciate stylish packaging.
  • Those who consider quality and safety important.
  • Those who need to see results.



·       Nourishes and rejuvenates skin while you sleep.

·       Hyaluronic acid provides the skin with moisture, binding and retaining water, improves skin tone and elasticity, and restores the sebaceous glands.

·       The cream adapts to the individual characteristics of your skin, providing optimal, delicate care.

·       Possesses a delicate unobtrusive aroma.

·       Combines perfectly with the intensive care serums.

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