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Hyaluronic aqua-balance cream

Hyaluronic aqua-balance cream

Day care

Soft cream with light texture and a tender hint of herbal scent literary melts on skin, while nourishing and recovering it at cellular level. Exclusive A.S.T.-base complex (Aqua Source Technology) unites three moisturizing components, naturally matching skin. These are hyaluronic acid, elastin and organic amino acid L-PCA, which perfectly complement each other’s functions. The cream adapts to individual peculiarities and type of your skin, comforting and enhancing it. Its elegant packaging was designed especially for ladies to enjoy the resemblance with a mint candy.

The soft cream effectively moisturizes skin, keeping it hydrated for a longer time. It makes the skin elastic, velvety and evens the surface, while protecting skin from exogenous effects, prevents irritation and facilitates regeneration. Regular use of the cream makes skin smooth and improves elasticity.


  • Those who are looking for personal treatment program.
  • Those who appreciate stylish packaging.
  • Those who consider quality and safety important.
  • Those who need to see results.



  • Ultralight texture is instantly absorbed and doesn’t leave a feeling of a mask on your face.
  • The cream adapts to individual peculiarities of any skin type, while providing delicate and efficient care.
  • Has a gentle herbal scent.
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