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Honey Anti-cellulite Massage (60 min)

Honey Anti-cellulite Massage (60 min)

Want a beautiful body and smooth and velvety skin?

Honey massage is one of the really effective anti-cellulite massage types. The massage effect is based on the interaction of the skin with the biologically active substances in the honey, as well as the movements of the special reflex therapy massage.

During the massage, there is a rapid increase in blood circulation in both the skin and subcutaneous fat and muscle. Honey massage perfectly reduces volumes, prevents subcutaneous thickening, improves blood circulation, digestion of subcutaneous tissue. The substances in the honey are absorbed into the skin and the rapidly expanding areas are cleansed of toxins. Therefore, the massage has an added value – cleanses the surface of the skin, makes the skin silky, firm, smooth. and velvety delicate skin without cellulite.

You can feel the wonderful effect of honey after the first procedure.

For a better effect, we recommend taking a massage up to 10 times, depending on the result to be achieved and the condition of the skin of the body.

Price for the course:  50 eur x 10 = 500 eur


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