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Gift set for weight loss.

Gift set for weight loss.
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Gift set for weight loss.

The set consists of:

* 3D slim 20 day slimming program;

* Energy Diet cocktail for a balanced diet;

* Anti-cellulite gel.

3D slim 20-day slimming program - slimming program for 20 days

3D Slim products are created by nutrition experts who know what prevents weight loss. There is no need to starve and deny yourself all the joys of life. Proper nutrition should be delicious and the weight loss process should be convenient, only then you will get the desired result.


* DRAINEFFECT GREEN = starts the process of weight loss, reduces swelling, reduces volume.

* * FOOD CONTROL 2 in 1 - morning and evening capsules that speed up metabolism and help control appetite.

* * NO YO-YO effect - morning and evening capsules - prevents the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, eliminates fluid retention and consolidates the result.

As soon as you stop limiting yourself to food (jo-jo effect). Therefore, it is important not only to lose weight, but also to consolidate the results obtained. The double action of the active ingredients The NO YO-YO effect helps maintain a flat stomach and prevents the formation of new fat deposits.

* Energy Diet COCKTAIL -

Smart GO "Orange - Chocolate", 15 servings - Balanced diet

Saturated chocolate cocktail with orange is a real pleasure for lovers of exquisite flavors! Gentle, airy consistency and creamy taste. Now functional food has become even more convenient: the cocktail already contains milk powder. All you need to make your Smart GO is water.

Smart GO is a balanced diet for people with an active rhythm of life. Full-bodied taste, light airy consistency and maximum benefits in each serving.

* food that is easy to cook and take with you;

* different flavors for every taste;

* proper nutrition - vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins;

* food for weight loss 200 kcal per serving.

* Anti-cellulite gel - The gel has strong anti-cellulite activity, it acts on several levels simultaneously: stimulates blood circulation and strengthens capillary walls, promotes fat breakdown, smoothes and tightens the skin. Continuous application of the gel will ensure the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Volume 150 ml

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