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Gift set for health

Gift set for health
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Gift set for health

Gift set for health, consisting of:

* BioDrone - for health and beauty

* "Flex Box" - ease and freedom of movement

BioDrone - a product created by nature itself. Power and energy from the Earth. A complex of humic acid and fulvic acid, a source of vitamins and minerals that protect and restore the body at the cellular level.

BioDrone - adaptation to an active life and restoration of body balance.


* restores balance in the body and adaptation to an active life;

* restoration of immunity;

* reduces stress;

* improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails;

* elimination of toxins and allergens;

* normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;

* helps against psoriasis

* promotes the overall improvement of the body.

* "Flex Box" - Ease and freedom of movement

Fast and maximally effective recovery in 20 days.

Strengthening of joints is necessary for anyone whose activity with increased load on the musculoskeletal system: athletes, dancers, people with physical work. To create a network of high-performance power plants, feed GREENFLASH® components:

• Flex formula - stimulates collagen synthesis in cartilage tissue, provides intensive regeneration of joints and ligaments, helps reduce inflammation.

• Multivitamin formula - a source of vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrient balance, activates the body's protective functions against stress and strenuous physical exertion.

• Collagen formula - supplies the elements that form the basis of connective tissue, provides nutrition to cartilage and bone tissue, and has a strong regenerating effect.

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