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Gift set - Beauty

Gift set - Beauty
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Gift set - Beauty

Gift set - Beauty consists of:

* BUBBLE MASK BL Oriental - cleansing face mask

* HYDRO BOOSTER MASK BL Oriental - moisturizing face mask

* Gold hydrogel eye patch with lifting effect

* Hydro Booster Mask BL Oriental - moisturizing face mask made of biocellulose, retains moisture perfectly and has an anatomical shape, ensuring effective penetration of active ingredients. The mask contains 17 moisturizing and moisture-resistant ingredients that fight the signs of dehydration, reduce irritation, reduce peeling and also smooth the skin.

Moisturizing BL Oriental mask - has high tonic and nourishing properties, increases turgor and smoothes fine wrinkles. Coconut juice helps to restore the skin's moisture balance. Promotes skin regeneration at the cellular level, perfectly evens out the skin's structure, gives it a healthy glow and creates a visible anti-aging effect.

* BUBBLE MASK BL Oriental - is an ideal solution for fast and effective skin cleansing. The bubbles in the mask improve microcirculation, stimulate the strengthening of capillaries, making dirt removal a real spa procedure.

BL Oriental bubble mask, impregnated with a gentle natural surfactant derived from apple amino acids, creates a thick foam and effectively cleanses the skin without drying it out. The powerful regenerating panthenol and the excellent moisturizer betaine restore the hydro balance, helping to maintain skin elasticity and smoothness.

* Gold hydrogel eye patch with lifting effect

Hydrogel patches are the main hit of Korean cosmetics and a real salvation when there is not enough time for full self-care.

Thanks to the biologically active peptides,

* The patch intensively moisturizes, refreshes and tones the delicate skin of the eyes, helping to restore radiance and freshness, relieves dark circles under the eyes, prevents swelling, reduces stress and fatigue. For everyday use.

Dermatologically tested and approved.

Free of parabens and mineral oil. Pack of 60 pcs

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