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Filler injections

Filler injections

With the help of fillers, it is possible not only to correct age changes in the skin - for example, to remove wrinkles or wrinkles in the skin. Fillers also help to ensure the harmonization of the face - the correction of its proportions and the elimination of certain aesthetic imperfections.

With the help of fillers you can make adjustments in different areas of the face:

  • increase the lips or eliminate their asymmetry, create a firmer contour;
  • correct the oval of the face, visually lift the cheeks;
  • to correct the shape of the cheekbones, chin;
  • correct the shape of the nose (visually reduce the bump on the nose, lift, strengthen the tip of the nose, etc.);
  • adjust temple area.

Beauty injections in our salon are performed by an experienced specialist with more than 12 years of experience, the priority of which is to restore the symmetry of the face and the novelty of every woman!

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