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Exfoliating bamboo scrub

Exfoliating bamboo scrub

Exfoliating scrub, based on bamboo water, will make the skin even,fill it with energy and brightness. AHA+BHA complex as well as bamboo and charcoal powders provides delicate chemical and mechanical effect on skin. Scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells, evens skin texture, improves a complexion and prepares skin for applying concentrated serums and masks.

Scrub, exfoliating dead skin cells, penetrates deeply to the skin, dissolves dirt and excessive sebum. It delicately cleanses and polishes the skin without any damage. It evens skin texture, improves a complexion, minimizes pores, activates sebum regulation.



Bamboo powder. Thanks to its unique biologically active properties, it moisturizes skin, enriches it in vitamins and microelements, tones skin, boosts cells renewal, stimulates collagen production and gently exfoliates the skin.

Charcoal powder absorbs excessive sebum and mattes skin.

Bamboo water. Thanks to the high concentration of silicon, it resists a decrease in skin's density and resilience, stimulates natural collagen production in skin. As a result, your skin becomes more elastic and resilient.  

Glycolic acid is an amino acid queen. Having a small molecular size, the acid penetrates to the upper dermis layer, without breaking an epidermis barrier,  actively renews skin, launches exfoliating processes, moisturizes and hydrates skin for a long period of time.

Salicylic acid removes open comedones, minimizes pores, reduces oil-glands activity.

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