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Electroporation for face + lymphatic drainage massage

Electroporation for face + lymphatic drainage massage

We offer high-quality face care treatment with Overline (Italy). Take care of your facial skin right now!

  • Electroporation for a face that is considered to be adrenal mesotherapy.
  • The most effective and state of the art medical and cosmetic methods, with the help of which, without any skin lesions, are administered high molecular weight biologically active substances in the deeper layers of the skin. The active substances are transdermally injected into the skin by means of a defined frequency current pulse. As a result, it is possible to transport high molecular weight active substances in deep layers of the skin in larger quantities and deeper than it is possible with ultrasound.

The results of the procedure: without pain and side effects, immediate and sustained improvement of skin quality, youthful appearance, healthier and more homogeneous skin, effective wrinkle smoothing.

Course price of 6 times - 300 eur (savings 50 eur)

For better facial skin we offer a complex of treatments:

  • Microdemabrasion with Electroporation (Needleless Mesotherapy) (90min) - 70 eur

Course price 6x-300 eur

  • Radio frequency lifting with Electroporation (needle-free mesotherapy) (90min) - 90 eur

Course price 6x - 480 eur

Make a reservation for the procedure on the website or calling by phone. +371 29712149

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