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DrainEffect Red

DrainEffect Red

Draining drink

This refreshing drink with the flavor of wild berries and hibiscus has a comprehensive effect on body and due to the vegetable components stimulates fluid circulation and removes toxins.

  • Enables the process of effective weight loss
  • Eliminates liquid retention and swellings
  • Lowers weight
  • Removes toxins

Starts process of effective weight-loss 

Draining drink

  • Drains all unnecessary liquid from the body.
  • Reduces swellings.
  • Lowers weight.


  • Those who want to lose weight easily.
  • Those who want to control appetite.
  • Those who want to get rid of swellings.
  • Those who want to speed up metabolism.
  • Those who want a guaranteed result.



1. Natural

Product action is based on natural plant components. Additives and preservatives free

2. Developed by experts

Energy SLIM products are created by nutrition experts who know what exactly doesn’t let you lose weight

3. Integrated solution

Energy Slim Program activates natural processes of fat burning step by step.

4. Proven

The effectiveness of products is confirmed by the results of voluntary testing of the program with independent experts:

  • Weight loss of up to 8 cm in 25 days
  • Correct eating habits development, and 100% reduction of craving for sweet and fat food
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