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Collagen regenerative cream

Collagen regenerative cream

Night anti-age care

Regenerative night care with rich velvety texture and blossom aroma was created on the basis of the latest cosmetological researches and developments. A.G.E.- exclusive matrix (Active Growth of Elastin) fights age changes and marine collagen intensively recovers collagen and elastin fibers structure, pushing wrinkles from the inside and affecting skin in the way it looks more youthful, radiant and firmer. CellCode®57 complex stimulates skin cells renewal and natural components and essential oils hydrate and nourish it with necessary microelements, while you are sleeping. Spoil yourself with a special treatment and you will see the result right away.

Rejuvenating cream for aging skin reduce wrinkles and increase skin elasticity. It protects skin from free radicals, softens and hydrates it.


  • Those who are looking for personal treatment program.
  • Those who appreciate stylish packaging.
  • Those who consider quality and safety important.
  • Those who need to see results.


  • A.G.E.-matrix (resveratrol, marine collagen, ceramides)- powerful anti-aging complex fights the cause of wrinkles appearance. Active protein literary pushes out wrinkles from the inside, improving collagen and elastin fibers. Resveratrol (grapevine antioxidant) protects from UV-radiation, natural ceramides moisturize skin, preventing dehydration.
  • Building material for cells CellCode®57 (21 amino acids, 19 vitamins, 8 mineral salts, 6 nucleoids, 3 carbohydrates.) – 57 elements for a normal cell functioning. It’s an exclusive development of Russian scientists, which is able to start regenerative processes in skin, stimulate new cells creation and provide a long-term anti-aging program. It’s easily absorbed by skin, while bringing active components to the deepest layers of epidermis.
  • Intensive nourishing and recovery.
  • Has bright blossom aroma.
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