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Cocoa SPA facial and decollete (60 min)

Cocoa SPA facial and decollete (60 min)

Cocoa is a rich source of antioxidants, it contains the essential vitamins A, C, E for the skin. It contains amino acids that enhance your mood, relieve stress and promote the creation of a hormone of happiness.

The treatment is perfectly suited for normal and dry facial skin, as well as for preventive purposes serves as a skin regenerating program. It uses cocoa and seaweed mask, which contains a richly moisturizing and regenerating active single complex for dry skin, and has a highly moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging effect. The combination of cocoa and seaweed has regenerative properties. It nourishes, moisturizes and smooths the skin, protects the skin from premature aging and gives it a healthy look. The smell of sweet cocoa reduces emotional stress, increases vitality, improves mood.

The procedure includes:

  • Facial skin and decollete area cleaning;
  • Toning facial and decollete massage;
  • Refreshing and moisturizing mask for face and decollete area;
  • Finish with the face cream.


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