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Chocolate and fresh oranges SPA ritual (1 pers.) (80 min)

Chocolate and fresh oranges SPA ritual (1 pers.) (80 min)

Aromatic chocolate spa treatment supplemented with a fresh orange massage. Combined with fresh orange juice of chocolate, the procedure will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable, aromatic massage.


  • massage will relieve your anxieties, relieve stress, give energy and improve your mood.
  • promotes the production of the pleasure hormone endorphin;
  • moisturizes the skin and stimulates and restores blood circulation;
  • body skin will become soft, smooth and radiant,
  • a combination of chocolate and orange natural juice, which will give the skin a bronze effect (regular massage, will help to maintain the brown body skin);
  • The active ingredients in essential oils stimulate the breakdown of fat and the removal of excess water and release toxins and slags by activating cellular metabolism.

The procedure includes:

  • cleansing of feet with warm oranges, which provides stimulation of the active points of the feet.
  • warm towel compress for feet;
  • chocolate and fresh orange massage;
  • wrapping, shower;
  • toning massage with chocolate-vanilla lotion;
  • After the ritual - a cup of aromatic tea with orange slices.

In addition we offer:

  • face SPA: 20 eur;


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