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Botulinum therapy

Botulinum therapy

Botulinum is used to reduce excessive facial expressions, relaxes and paralyzes the muscle fibers at the injection site, so the muscle stops moving and does not create facial wrinkles at the site.

Botulinum is most commonly used to remove horizontal and vertical facial furrows on the forehead, "crow's feet" around the eyes.

Botulinum therapy is the most common aesthetic procedure in the world.

Botulinum therapy is usually performed without local anesthesia. They are moderately "corrosive" but not painful.

It is not allowed after the procedure:

  • three days - do not drink alcohol, give up sports, visit the sauna and massage the injected area for at least 2 weeks.
  • during the first 30 minutes after the injection, intensively operate the facial muscles in which botulinum was administered.

Price for 1 zone 120 eur

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