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Offer in January! Body massage 1h20min- for 40 eur

Offer in January! Body massage 1h20min- for 40 eur

Classical massage is one of the oldest and most popular types of massage, its origins are found in ancient times. This massage works mostly on the physical body – muscles, joints, tendons and other tissues. This massage is suitable for people who like strong, deeply kissing and rubbing massages, as well as for people who are engaged in sports.

The goal of the massage is to improve blood flow and lymph flow, strengthen the immune system, move passive muscles, eliminate various muscle pain, strengthen ties, and have a relaxing effect that greatly improves your well-being. Massage helps to sort and improve muscle activity and tone, eliminates various pain.

We offer in addition:

  • head massage - 15 eur;
  • foot massage - 15 eur
Choosing a massage course, the price of massage:
  • 3 x 105 eur (35 eur for 1 time)
  • 5 x 150 eur (30 eur for 1 time)
  • 10x 280 eur (28 eur for 1 time)

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