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Classical Body Massage + Jacuzzi bath for couple (2.p.) (1h20min)

Classical Body Massage + Jacuzzi bath for couple (2.p.) (1h20min)

If you want to relax together from everyday stress, we offer a classic body massage couple and relax in a jacuzzi bath. The procedure will provide a pleasant relaxation and relieve tension, as well as improve your well-being.

The procedure includes:

  • a foam bath that calms and relieves stress after a busy day (while enjoying a tea or a refreshing drink);
  • classical body massages with various massage techniques that will improve blood circulation, reduce tension and balance the nervous system;
  • after the procedure – a cup of tea. 

 In addition,  we can offer:

  • sauna (30min) - 25 eur;
  • face SPA - 15 eur (1p.)
  • face SPA with mask - 25 eur (1.p.)
  • head massage (20 min) - 15 eur (1p.)


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