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Biorevitalization is the restoration of the skin's vital functions, the renewal of the skin's life. In aesthetic medicine, it is a very common non-surgical method against skin aging and various skin problems.

However, over time, the amount of the "elixir of youth" decreases, and the tone, firmness, elasticity of the skin decreases, the skin loses its lively appearance, and wrinkles form. In addition to biological aging, the skin is also subject to the process of photoaging - it is a process of premature aging of the skin under the influence of long-term ultraviolet rays from the sun.

The body's own hyaluronic acid synthesis is also stimulated. As a result, the skin is not only moisturized, but its properties are also renewed, and the newly created fibers of the dermis give the skin a strong "lifting" effect. Therefore, after a minimum number of biorevitalization procedures (three procedures with a break of three to four weeks), due to collagen synthesis caused by hyaluronic acid preparations, a long-term increasing effect can be obtained - an improvement in the appearance of the skin.

A permanent result is visible after two to four procedures. The patient notices that the appearance of the skin gradually improves: the tone of the skin increases, elasticity, the color improves, it has a "radiant", fresh appearance, the effect of moisturized skin, the small wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin structure is restored. So, biorevitalization is a stimulating therapy - the skin renews itself under the influence of hyaluronic acid preparations.

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