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Anti-cellulite / sculpting massage (80 min)

Anti-cellulite / sculpting massage (80 min)

Anti-cellulite - Sculpting massage with wrap:

  • very deep and effective internal tissue massage. During the massage very important processes are started - lymphatic drainage and blood circulation are repeatedly accelerated, and metabolism is much more active.
  • wrapping allows you to sculpt body shapes, reduces bust circumference.

The result:

  • excretions and toxins are eliminated and metabolism burns fat more quickly;
  • effectively reduces body circumference and prevents edema;
  • The skin becomes firmer and more elastic and provides great muscle relaxation.

Performing a specific course (consisting of at least 10 massages, and massaging regularly 2-3 times a week) manages to reduce cellulite from grade 3 to grade 1.

Price of the course: 10x 500eur


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