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Amber SPA ritual ritual for couple + amber salt bath (2.p.) (100 min)

Amber SPA ritual ritual for couple + amber salt bath (2.p.) (100 min)

Enjoy the Amber Spa Ritual, enjoy ease, joy and relaxation.

Amber SPA procedure, which is rich in underwater saline and shine. Amber is an energy and balancing stone that activates its action in contact with the body.It strengthens physical and moral strength, confidence in oneself, gives optimism and wisdom. Amber helps to sort out the thoughts. This massage relaxes muscles and minds from stress and acts on the balance of the nervous system. Amber warms the body and balances emotional state. Amber enriches body with oxygen and removes toxins, and prevents the aging of the skin.

The offer includes:

  • whole body amber peeling, wrapping;
  • An amber salt bath, during which you can enjoy warm tea or drink;
  • whole body relaxing massage with amber massage lotion;
  • After the procedure, have a warm tea or a healthy drink.

Result: gentle, smooth, shiny and renewed skin.                                                                                                                                                                                            Enjoy Amber Enchantment!

we offer in addition:

  • SAUNA (30 min) - 25 eur;
  • face spa (20 min) - 15 eur (1 p.)
  • face spa with mask (40min) - 25 eur (1.p.)


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