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Adaptogens "Immuno Box"

Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
Adaptogens "Immuno Box"
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Adaptogens "Immuno Box"

Immune system support

Maintain your natural body protection! 

Immuno box is your first-aid for the first symptoms of a cold. It contains 3 natural powerful GREENFLASH® complexes, which boost the immune system, help to fight viruses, and quickly get back to your normal routine. 

  • IMMUNO FORMULA is aimed at keeping the body toned and maintaining the immune system defense.
  • DEFENDER FORMULA is aimed at fighting infections, supporting the tone of the body, it has a diaphoretic effect to restore the body's natural defenses. 
  • MULTIVITAMIN FORMULA is aimed at activating the protective functions of the body and helping the body to recover.


Triple protection during flu and cold epidemics. 

1. Immune system support

Sage, eucalyptus and rosemary extracts are the powerful natural immunomodulator. 

Piperine is the activator of nutrients absorption. 

Bifido and lactic bacteria fight the pathogenic microorganisms. 

2. Infection protection

Sea-buckthorn and white willow bark extracts are powerful antiseptics. 

Ginger root and acerola extracts activate the immune system.

Raspberry and lindens extracts are anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents. 

3. Vitamins and minerals benefits.

Natural fruit juice mix activates protection functions of the body.  

Bioavailable minerals boost metabolism. 

B-group vitamins are effective antidepressants. 

RMP-Complex™ a solution to the problem of premature aging:

  • powerful antioxidant properties;
  • natural components (pomegranate, rosemary, mangosteen extract);
  • immunity boost;
  • cells protection;
  • anti-aging properties.  


  • Ultra-modern scientific formulas - the result of the latest scientific achievements. 
  • The complexes are based on natural components with a high level of absorption.
  • High-tech methods of active ingredients processing.
  • All the formulas are developed by NL International. 
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