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Fresh peppermint SPA ritual + face massage (1h 30min)

Fresh peppermint SPA ritual + face massage (1h 30min)

A special aromatic fresh peppermint spa ritual will help to soothe and refresh your skin. The peppermint treatment acts on the human body for mental balancing and energetically strengthening, stimulates the skin rejuvenation process. The procedure actively involves skin youth and moisturizes the skin for a long time. Refreshing procedure.

The procedure uses fresh peppermint and essential oil, which will perfectly help in the case of emotional overload, stress and 'burnout', refreshing tired minds.

The procedure includes:

• Whole-body cleansing peeling with fresh mint;

• wrapping, shower;

• full body massage with fresh, saturated aroma oil and massage butter + face massage; 

• After the procedure - a cup of mint tea or a healthy drink.


Result: shiny, fresh, moisturized skin.

Feel the freshness of mint!


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