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3D slim program - slimming program for 20 days

3D slim program - slimming program for 20 days

3D Slim products are created by nutrition experts who know what prevents weight loss. There is no need to starve and deny yourself all the joys of life. Proper nutrition should be delicious and the weight loss process should be convenient, only then you will get the desired result.

The 3D slim program consists of:

           * DRAINEFFECT GREEN = starts the weight loss process, reduces swelling, reduces volume.

           * The complex action of six plant components, mutually reinforcing, stimulates fluid circulation in the body and helps             to remove toxins.

            * Lemongrass and white tea activate microcirculation processes, stimulating fluid excretion;

            * Opuntia helps to prevent fluid blockage in the tissues and reduces swelling, unwrapped kidneys;

            * Aloe and rhubarb normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, helps to cleanse the intestines;

            * Mint stimulates bile circulation and helps cleanse the liver;

            * Maltodextrin and palatinose provide the body with energy.

* FOOD CONTROL 2 in 1 speeds up metabolism and helps control appetite.

Morning capsules

* speeds up natural metabolic processes and reduces existing fat deposits

* Activates metabolism - White and green tea, green coffee and L-tyrosine activate metabolism, improving and complementing each other's activity

* Promotes fat burning

Cayenne pepper, ginger, vitamin PP, chromium picolinate and black pepper attack fat deposits in problem areas, stimulating fat burning

Capsule "Evening"

* Natural ingredients trigger a natural appetite control mechanism that works in two directions simultaneously: relieves hunger and creates a feeling of satiety.

* Reduce appetite

Garcinia cambogia extract helps to withstand food restrictions, blocks appetite

* Saffron, L-tryptophan and Griffonium stimulate serotonin production, resulting in a significant reduction in food consumption.

* NO YO-YO effect prevents the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, eliminates fluid retention and consolidates the result.

The weight returns again as soon as you stop restricting yourself to food (because of the effect). Therefore, it is important not only to lose weight, but also to consolidate the results obtained.

The double action of the active ingredients NO YO-YO effect helps maintain a flat stomach and prevents the formation of new fat deposits.

Morning capsules

Ensure the result achieved

* Opuntia reduces fat absorption, improves metabolic processes, promotes the removal of fat from the body

* Brown seaweed extract blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, reduces calorie intake;

* Garcinia cambogia and chromium picolinate accelerate carbohydrate metabolism and stimulate fat breakdown, reduce hunger and cravings for sugar,

Capsule "Evening"

* Cherries and ash promote the removal of intercellular fluid due to descending action.

* Tamarind, cumin and coriander stimulate digestion and help reduce bloating, which in women is often the cause of a rounded abdomen.

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