Laser epilation set – bikini + legs up to the knee

The newest generation of Laser epilation is a hair removal procedure using a pulse of laser radiation that destroys the hair follicle.

Time saving:

after completing the laser epilation course, you will no longer have to waste time in the mornings, or frequent visits to the beautician for a waxing procedure.

Convenient and uncomplicated procedure:

Soft and smooth skin already after the first procedure. Laser epilation is against skin itching, “sharps”, skin irritation.

Services for both women and men.

Advantages of laser hair removal:

  • Visible result already after the first procedure;
  • Painless, safe and quick procedure;
  • Efficient and gentle procedure;
  • Procedure for any skin and hair type;


The procedure can be performed in any season, including summer.

For laser epilation, a course consisting of 4-6 sections is performed, depending on hair growth.

After finishing the course of the procedure, it is necessary to perform 1-2 procedures a year in order to maintain the effect of laser hair removal for many years.

Forget about unwanted hair. Perfect smooth skin without pain and discomfort.

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